Title: Bonded

Author: Nicky Charles

Genre: Paranormal-Romance, Adult, Werewolves

Format: E-book published 2012 (Available from

Plot: Brandi meets Enforcer Reno who is a ‘rogue’ wolf and there is instant attraction. However attraction also comes with a hatred to their relationship that begins to get even more complicated. She takes on a role within the Lycan Link as a Damage Control officer and things are going well until she returns home to Kolding’s Pass.

Review: I have to admit I liked this one more than the previous one. However it’s still 3.5 stars, because of the discrepancies that didn’t seem to fit entirely for me. Like the perfume they are making in the Lycan Link labs is something that Marla acquired in ‘The Mating’ and this eventually runs onto the same time line when Damien discusses his pal Ryne and Kane. That was largely my problem!

I found Brandi was much smarter and more independent that Elise in ‘The Mating’ which I enjoyed more and she seemed to be rather smart. She held her own against Reno and wasn’t afraid to tell him at times. Despite this, she yet again had a hesitancy that annoyed me because she never told Reno the truth for fear of what would happen. He fears may have been grounded, but it annoyed and frustrated me. I felt there was too much ‘would she’, ‘wouldn’t she’ in this one.

Reno I adored! I thought his character was much more planned and structured that Kane. He was the bad-boy who attempted not to get attached and found himself falling into that, so he’d lash out to prevent it. He had the bad-boy edge and the possessive streak that made him a real gritty character for me.

However my favourite character was probably Damien which by the end of the story was totally ruined for me. I hated the ending and I didn’t see why she had to do that. For me an injury would have been sufficient, but the resulting end was highly disliked by me. And it was one of the reasons I refrained from giving the story four stars. I understand the purpose of it, but I didn’t really appreciate the necessity of it. It was too cold-hearted and didn’t serve nearly enough purpose because of the short time it was given!

Overall I enjoyed the book more than ‘The Mating’ but I felt there were lots of thoughts in this book such as the Academy and Lycan Link we’d never heard of, especially in Kane’s past when the Academy was a huge part of his life, we never hear of it. So despite it being a prequel, the next story doesn’t follow on a scheme of having the Lycan Link, the Academy or even a national Lycan problem of Purist activists.


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