The Mating

Title: The Mating

Author: Nicky Charles

Genre: Paranormal-Romance, Adult

Published: Februrary 23rd 2010 by

Plot: Elise is in ‘love’ with her childhood friend and then gets told for the good of her pack she must date the Alpha from another pack to cement alliances. She is worried and disoriented especially when taken out of her home. She has to learn to fit in there, whilst her new ‘mate’ deals with all the trials of being a new Alpha and facing a series of sabotage attacks against the pack lands.

Review: I enjoyed the read and found myself quickly moving through the book, rather voraciously to discover what would happen next.

However despite the speed with which I devoured the book, I felt it lacked a spark with the female lead. She was too dumb and compliant for my liking. She allowed her ‘mate’ to trample over her too much and she just seemed to accept it as her duty, whereas if she’d followed her gut instinct and been a strong lead much of the story could have been most likely prevented. I could relate to the trepidation she felt because new situations can be uncomfortable for a person, but at the same time for me she needed to assert herself and her position before she dwindled.

Nevertheless I really enjoyed the story and found it was a light, entertaining read for the majority despite my inherent screaming at the main character to speak what she thought and act a little more decisively on her ‘decisions’ or even thoughts. In my opinion she’d redeemed herself a little by the end, but not enough for me to award this story four stars!

For those people who like a little less feisty main character, who isn’t the smartest button then this story is for you, but personally I enjoy having the smart, quick-witted and feisty heroine that I often tend to read about, which is probably why this story lacked the ultimate spark for me. My review may sound negative, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and read it in a few hours, so it didn’t lack pace or action to keep me interested. I just found myself not liking the main character as much as I thought I could because the potential was there she never connected the dots in time for me!

Despite this, I adored Helen in the story, who is more of a minor character, but she rather made the story a little more humourous and touching. She was the ‘motherly’ one of the pack and I appreciated the addition of her character greatly because she gave it a very homely, pack feeling that I can obviously see the author tried very well to create with the idea of werewolf packs.

If you enjoy paranormal romance and a good werewolf story then this would probably be for you!


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