Avenger’s Angel

Avenger's AngelTitle: Avenger’s Angel

Author: Heather Killough-Walden

Series: The Lost Angels #1

Genre: Paranormal-Romance, Angels, Adult

Released: 2011 by Headline

Plot: After an eternity spent walking the earth in search of their lost soul mates, four archangels are about to learn that finding their archesses is only the first harrowing step to claiming their souls. When Uriel, the Angel of Vengence, catches sight of Eleanore Granger he is stunned. He and his brothers have searched for centuries for the elusive archesses made for them by the Old Man and, recognizing Ellie as his, Uriel, immediately wages a war of seduction to capture her heart. Beautiful Ellie has spent her life on the run, hiding inexplicable powers others would kill to possess. She cannot deny her attraction to the extraordinarily handsome man with piercing green eyes but can she trust him? As passion consumes Uriel and Ellie, outside forces just as powerful as the archangels themselves array against them. If they are to realized the love that is their destiny, Uriel and Ellie must fight to the death against those who would tear them apart …

Review: Personally, I found rating this book difficult. Parts of it were brilliant and other parts I felt lacked the intensity and excitement it promised.

Ellie was a character I didn’t really connect with, which was probably the main problem of the book for me. Her character was very absorbed with helping other people and as much as this is an admirable trait, I felt it was overly emphasised. Not until the end did she seem to centre herself on the person who was the ‘other-half’ of her soul, Uriel. She placed all the characters in danger and herself too much, by healing people in the middle of the street. This was the main confusion point for me, since she always talked about staying away from the centre of attention and worrying over these matters, it seemed irresponsible and a contradiction to her character to throw herself into that turmoil. However, by the end she’d reached a reasonably, redeemable level with me because of her participation and defiance she showed as a strong character. Despite her being a strong female lead, she swooned too much for me over the ‘hot’ angels in the story and allowed herself to be side-tracked from her strong female lead. In parts she showed great potential at being a feisty heroine when she used her own powers to battle, but then she flopped with her swooning between Uriel and Samael, when the end seemed rather inevitable.

Uriel was a character I liked a lot by the end. At the start he seemed rather to up-front and arrogant, by the end he’d fallen to a reasonable level of arrogance balanced with redemption over actually thinking before he acted. This was something all the characters except Samael failed to achieve, thinking. Uriel had a very dominant personality that I loved, and it added to the intensity in the centre of the novel that really increased the romance.

A redeeming quality for me about the novel was although the romance was a leading plot line, it didn’t centre on being overly explicit or fluffy with the romance. It was balanced well with the action and sub-plot lines. The internal dialogue and conflict did play a large part of the novel, which could have probably been reduced in areas, however it added to the feel of getting into the characters heads and understanding their predicaments.

Despite the problems I found with the book, I fell in love with Samael’s character. However he is poised as the ‘villain’ of the story, along with several others and this made me feel rather uncomfortable that he grew so much upon me. I’m not entirely sure if this is intentional on the author’s part or merely an error on her part. I’m assuming it was intentionally and I hope to see further plot development on his character because despite the other novels, which I assume will show the tales of the other three brothers, Samael has a story to tell that I will be excited to read.

The book certainly had a religious context that surrounded it, but it wasn’t explicitly emphasising religion, rather the history and beliefs of angels and God’s decisions and angels he’s made. It made for an interesting read because I thoroughly enjoy different interpretations of angels and archangels.

The book certainly made me turn the pages, and I think the book finished in a respectable place that prevented it from being overly long. Overall a read that I enjoyed and would recommend to fans of the angel genre.


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