The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale

The Twisted Tale of Stormy GaleTitle: The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale

Author: Christine Bell

Series: Stormy Gale #1

Genre: Steampunk, Historical-Fiction, Adult, Romance

Published: April 2011 by Carina Press

Plot: I’m a time pirate—born in 1810, now a 21st-century woman. I travel through time trying to right wrongs without disrupting the fragile balance between what is and what can never be.
That’s why it’s vital that I go to 1836 and find the man who conned my brother out of his Time Travel Mechanism as quickly as possible. If the technology falls into the wrong hands, it could change the world as we know it. The notorious Duke of Leister definitely qualifies as the wrong hands. An amateur scientist of the slightly mad variety, he’s bound to figure out how to use the TTM sooner rather than later.
I knew this wouldn’t be easy. But I wasn’t counting on him being as sexy as hell. Or winding up chained to his bed…

Review: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story.

First we’ll start with the two problems I had.

One was the length, I felt it was too short to really get into the story and enjoy the creative characters and depth that was just on the verge of being accomplished, but was then brushed over too quickly for my liking. I feel this book would have been utterly mind-blowing if the author had just taken the time to describe the situation a little more and elongate the ending. Normally some books over-do the ending by dragging it out, but this was not enough for me to wrap everything up so quickly in a short, quick, couple of pages. This just didn’t work for me.

Secondly, the background detail to the time and characters for this story to be ‘Steampunk’ or even historical fiction was sorely lacking. This frustrated me because I wanted to know where Stormy came from, not just London and a street urchin. I wanted the full gory past with all the horrors and hardship. I wanted to feel like I’d been transported to 1836 to witness the time and feeling. It just lacked in that department a lot for me. I still got the idea of time and setting, but I felt like the author teased us with the idea and failed to offer all that she had promised.

Despite this, the book filled in on the romance, which is surprisingly different to what I expected. From reading the blurb it appears to be a ‘kinky’ kind of book, but in fact, it’s nothing of the sort. If you’re looking for kink, don’t delude yourself by reading this in hopes of finding it. However, if you’re looking for a touching romance with ups and downs of the human mind conflicting.

I came to adore the ‘Loony Duke’ because he’s not all that he appears to be. I only wish we’d had more time to get to know him. His character entirely not what I expected and he had a very emotional and touching side to him that I grew to adore and cherish. He was smart and witty, and certainly not one to be trifled with. I’m excited to hear that he will be present in the sequel to this novel.

Overall I felt this book had a lot to offer in the context of escaping an hour or two in reading. It lacked in certain departments, but I can only hope the sequel will follow through on even more excitement!


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