Lord Atwood’s Lovers

Lord Atwood's Lovers

Title: Lord Atwood’s Lovers

Author: Eva Clancy

Genre: Erotica, Romance, Ménage, Historical-fiction

Published: June 1st 2012 by Harlequin Spice Briefs


To the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage. They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn’t lack for passion—but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriage…while Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he’s been unable to confess to his wife.
Then Charles’s ex-lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing Charles into a tailspin—and awakening a surprising attraction in Imogen. Now, both have to face the possibility that they may need more than just each other to be truly complete…


This e-book was rather short so it was hard to full get into the storyline. I found that by the time things had just got rolling, the story was over. Overall it was well written and a quick way to pass the time.

This book is a ménage though with male/male action, so if that isn’t your thing then I’d warn you to avoid it like the plague. To be truthful, I didn’t really think about that until I was reading and realised the direction it was heading in. I’m very open-minded and I enjoyed reading, but my problem came with the vulgarities that were unnecessary to describe the sexual acts. It was the first thing I noticed when I started reading and turned this book labelled “erotica” from something meant to excite to rather repulsive. I didn’t feel the need for the explicit language used.

We got the elements of romance strongly and emotional connections were formed (slightly) with the characters with a little background history on both of them. It was enjoyable that the author managed to encompass this within such a short novel and gave the characters a realistic sense.

The romance element also took us away from the whole piece being full of smut and actually allowed a plot because otherwise it’s just pornography on a written page.

Historically we probably didn’t get a lot from the novel, other than the fact that the couple attended a ball and were dressed very formally. I felt a little more background with a few more pages could have benefitted the novel to really create the realistic setting that the novel was being placed in. I don’t actually know the time setting of the story, but I’m assuming it’s more of the Victorian period although that would only be an assumption from the balls and the dress.

The ménage is managed delicately and it doesn’t feel like it’s forced or that somebody is jealous. The cut-off point of the story helps the ménage, but it certainly works well enough for it’s purpose.

I liked the characters enough. Lady Atwood was smart, emotional and she felt realistic. Lord Atwood was suave, commanding and sexy. Whilst Alex Lambert brought a twist and spice to the story. In their own right, all three were supposed ‘swoon worthy’ and I thought they worked well as a trio. The characters did lack the attachment I like to get to characters, but I suppose that was something to do with the length of the story.

It was a quick read that passed the time enjoyably, but I certainly wouldn’t read it again. If you have a spare half an hour to read it, I’d pick this up, but otherwise it’s not the most thrilling read of my life. There are far better pieces of erotica out there.

*This e-book was provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley*

My Rating:

2 books

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