Eliza’s Awakening

Eliza's Awakening

Title: Eliza’s Awakening

Author: Zaide Bishop

Genre: Erotica, Romance, Historical, Ménage

Expected Publication: July 23rd 2012 by Carina Press


It is the eve of the Longest Night. Eliza Baker and the rest of Lord Jayden’s servants excitedly prepare for the lavish festival as their masters enjoy a head start on the debauchery that awaits. Eliza’s madly in love with Kell, a sweet, deliciously sexy guard. Kell returns her feelings, but is striving to make himself a worthy man before he asks Eliza’s father for permission to court her.

To keep the Demon of Winter at bay, an offering must be made during the festival. As the event begins, Lord Kempsly informs Kell that he’s offering a special sacrifice this year, and Kell must escort the girl who will offer up her maidenhood for the enjoyment of the crowd. Another guest will select the maiden, and Kell realizes to his dismay the guest is Lord Rakin, a rich and handsome rogue who has his eye on Eliza. But little do any of the men suspect the burgeoning desire the ceremony is awakening in Eliza…


Very mixed opinions on this one. I felt at times we were bordering on something epic and then at other moments I had to cringe at the use of language. I understand that this is a piece of erotica, but profanities are not required to make something sexy, nor is the word “arse” in my opinion. It makes me cringe. However that is my own pet hate and not something that should discolour the view of this tale.

I felt this was much more descriptive than previous Carina Press short stories I’ve read and it was rather good at setting the scene. I certainly felt transported to the time with all the dresses and masquerade outfits, along with the whole setting. It worked much more for me as a piece of erotica set in a historical setting. In my opinion just because you’re going to write erotica does not mean you have to take away the foundations of writing and Bishop really applied the foundations for me and that made me happy!

The sex scenes in large were well written and I could appreciate them as not being too overdone, although they bordered on being at times. We did witness a few profanities, but I could overlook them because they were in the minority.

However the problems came with the whole aspect that it could be conceded as “forced sex” and I say this to warn the reader because although the girl never screams for it to stop, it walks a very fine line and if you do not appreciate this, then I’d warn you to skip by this book for your own benefit. Another issue some people may find with this book is the touch of lesbianism we almost border on, I won’t say anything more than that, but there is a ménage scene that people may find uncomfortable and I should urge you not to read this short novel if you don’t appreciate that kind of thing. Although I’d say go into reading this short story with an open mind because it’s not as bad as you may think.

The length of the story isn’t long, but I don’t think we should penalise the author on this, but rather appreciate the story as a whole rather than how many words the writer can type. It makes an interesting read that’s quick, enjoyable and certainly saucy.

For me, this is one of the better short pieces of erotica I’ve read because we got some very touching moments of emotion. I guess it’s not something you always expect from pieces of erotica because although some authors label their work in “romance” they tend to bypass the emotional aspect and just add the “erotica” and leave it at that. Despite this being erotica, we got the emotional romance connection and I felt even a little bit of background to Kell and an inner, tormented struggle. I appreciated this aspect of the story greatly and it gave the story a little bit of edge compared to the last piece of erotica from Carina Press I read.

Certainly a refreshing piece of erotica for me. I give the story the rating for the foundations, the emotional connections and the alright sex scenes, and it gets no penalisation from me from any of the on the border aspects! Look out for this e-book in July 2012 and give it a read if you like a piece of erotica for the beach!

*This was provided to me from the publisher via NetGalley*

My Rating:

3.5 books

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