Talent on Tuesday #3

Talent on Tuesday poster

A weekly book meme hosted by Nerdy Book Reviews as a chance to express your opinion on authors you think have talent. Share a quote/cover/excerpt whatever you like to let us know about great authors out there. It can be something you’re reading or an author you love, but let us know why you think they have talent! Please link back to Nerdy Book Reviews.

This week I’ll be taking a look at The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. This is a book I wouldn’t usually pick up and I probably never would have heard of it until it got nominated for the monthly group read in one of the book clubs I participate in on Goodreads.

The Rook

“Do you know the name of the body you are in? It’s Myfanway. Myfanway Alice Thomas. I would say that it’s my name, but you’ve got the body now, so I suppose you’ll be using it.”

This is a quotation taken from the very first few lines of the first chapter and I suppose it seems strange. My first impression too, but incredibly exciting. I hope the book continues to be as exciting. Daniel O’Malley looks to be promising a lot of talent for me already. This book falls into the Urban-Fantasy genre and so far I’ve noticed lots of action, some exciting tension and a hell of a lot of confusion.

I’ve heard some very positive feedback on this story from other friends who’ve already read it, so hopefully I’ll be finishing this book in the next couple of days!

What book do you think has talent?


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