Guest Post: Laura J. Williams

Guardian of the Moon Pendant

I’m hosting the tour of Laura J. Williams Guardian of the Moon Pendant today, unfortunately my review will be delayed until tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstance, however this book is one to keep an eye on! Until then, you can enter a giveaway at the bottom or find this on amazon or barnes and nobles for $O.99 for the duration of the tour!

Dream Cast:

imageAnabel: Deborah Ann Woll

Ms. Control freak is torn between her perfect life with her fiancé Edgar and a sexy Highlander, Blane. Will she choose love or will the Moon Pendant’s power corrupt her?


imageIzzy: Katy Perry

Ms. Rebel Yell herself, the wild child with a pure heart, always fighting for survival, hoping her family will hear her voice and see her for who she really is. Will she finally find love and someone who can believe in her?


imageBlane: Chris Hemsworth

Blane is a Highlander and a Sentinel of Light guarding Dunvarghan Castle and protecting the boarders between the realm of the Fae and the realm of Man. Is he truly in love with Anabel or is he secretly in love with someone she reminds him of?



Fergus: Alex Pettyfer

The scruffy Scotsman who never runs from a fight, but will he run from true love?


imageVyx: Tom Hardy

Mr. Meat-Head, the Neanderthal himself, hides a secret past, a love that binds him forever. Will he find what he is looking for and secure his eternal love’s heart?


imageGranny: Judi Dench

Granny, the devoted Guardian, must secure the bloodline and help the MacAlpin women to see the truth in themselves and close the Portal before it’s too late.


Harriet: Kathy Bates

Harriet is the skittish mother who’s always fearful of the past. Will she gain the strength and finally face her worst fears?


imageEdgar: Christopher Gorham

Mr. Nerd is lost in a world of ideas and the perfect woman.


imageHamish: Michael Gambon

Fergus’ drunken father, whose childish dreams of the Baobhan Sith, the vampiric faery, quickly transforms into his adult nightmare.


imageLainahwyn: Angelina Jolie

Lainahwyn is the Baobhan Sith, the vampiric faery, who uses her seductive voice to hypnotize men into her lair, but her true desire is to destroy the MacAlpin clan and open the Portal into the Otherworld.



Carrying on with the film theme, we have a list of Laura J. Williams top 10 favourite 80’s movies!

My All time Top 10 80s Movies:

1. Goonies (The first rejects)

2. Lost Boys (The hottest vampires at the time)

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (My Hero)

5. Eddie and the Cruisers (The original Jersey Shore)

6. Ghostbusters

7. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

8. The Changeling (Not the one w/ Angelina Jolie – This one is a horror movie – such a great one too!)

9. Back to the Future

10. The Princess Bride.


The Fae


In Celtic folklore, the Ankou is considered to be the equivalent of the Grim Reaper. He rides around on his smoldering motorcycle with his skeleton sidecar, collecting the bodies of all who have been touched by the Otherworld.

Baobhan Sith:

[baa’-van shee] A vampiric faery from Scottish folklore. She uses her seductive voice to hypnotize men into her lair, using her razor-sharp fingernails to suck out her victim’s blood. But, if she injects her prey with her toxic venom, they turn into a Màrmann.


[dri-adz] Dryads are beautiful tree nymphs. They are spirits dwelling within the trees, groves, and forests of Scotland.


[fah-shan] A Fachan is a faery from Scottish folklore. He has one bulbous eye, one arm, one leg, and is covered in bristly hair and dark blue feathers.

Ghillie Dhu:

[gil-ee-du] A Ghillie Dhu comes from Scottish folklore. He is the guardian spirit of trees and harnesses the elemental of earth.

Heather Pixies:

Heather pixies are speedy winged faeries, covered in blooms of purple heather. They have the ability to spring vines from their hands and feet, making them able to carry and restrain anything a hundred times their size.


[lay-huss] Leigheas is a faery who has the ability to heal men and the Fae. Once her powers are used, she’s helpless and can only regain her powers from the rising sun.


[mar-mhen] Zombie-like warriors whom the Baobhan Sith’s has inflicted her poisonous venom into, changing them from regular men into her undead army.


[knog-gul-vee] Nuckelavee is a creature from Scotland’s Orkney Island folklore that is known as the devil of the sea. A vile hybrid of half-man and half-horse, its skinless body is covered in raw living flesh. Its horse’s head has only one eye. Centered on its back is a thin rider with no legs, but has long ape-like arms.

Red Cap:

A Red Cap is a murderous faery found in Scottish folklore. He is an old hunch-backed man, carrying an iron-pike, donning iron-clad boots, who is fast as lightning. He dwells in castles and towers, killing travelers regularly to keep his red cap drenched in blood, for if his cap dries out, he will turn to stone.

Stone faeries:

Stone faeries are ethereal angel-like faeries trapped within the MääGord standing stones, waiting for a chance to break free from their cold monolith prisons.


A small goblin-like faery from Scotland’s Orkney Island folklore. They’re only about a foot tall and will immediately turn to stone when a person from the realm of man gazes upon them. Only those who have been touched by the Otherworld can see a Trow move freely about.


Ghostly firelights seen by travelers at night trying to lead them astray.


To finish off, there is a sneaky peak look at the prologue!



I lay there sprawled out on a cold stone slab, tucked away deep inside the demon’s lair, spread-eagle, face-down, blood trickling from my mouth. The Màrmann hovered over me like vultures, swooping in, their mouths drooling, poking me with their sharp claws, testing to see if their prey was dead or alive, itching to get a taste of my most precious blood.

I doubt the Màrmann ever had female blood before, let alone a MacAlpin; most of their food was wayward travelers, local Scots men or the naïve backpacker, lured by their demon’s hypnotic voice.

I felt their hesitation, their boots shuffling side to side, lips smacking, even salivating, not knowing if I was as delicious as they thought I’d be. If only the Bloody Baron were here to let them know that indeed, my nectar was the sweetest of the sweet.

But, seriously, it didn’t matter anymore.

I was dead.


End of the line.

Kicked the bucket.


Lights out.

Six feet under.

It’s over, buddy.

The End!

The Grim Reaper had arrived, and he didn’t look like he was stopping by for crumpets and tea.

So who cares if the Màrmann throw back a couple of pints of my blood? I didn’t need it. Drink up, I say! Follow it back with a beer chaser and a couple of nips of whiskey and we’ll make it my last happy hour! A final fare thee well party!

Except now… I was the beverage of choice.

Isn’t it funny how quickly things change?


I hope you enjoyed that jumble of different tit-bits on the tour of Guardian of the Moon Pendant. Check back tomorrow to see my review, until now you can enter the giveaway to win a chance of one of five signed copies of Guardian of the Moon HERE. Open only to US entrants.



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  1. That is a great cast1 HENRY..yes, yes. yes…I would love to see him Geek! up again! Jessica from trueblood=awesome!

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