Stacking the Shelves (22)

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

For Review.

Blood Flows Deep in The Empire

Blood Flows Deep in The Empire appealed to me because it appears to be paranormal-romance. A genre I love and I’m willing to give anything a try once.

Borrowed from Library.


So this week I went to my library and when returning a couple of books and having just reduced my pile to four by ruthless returning unread books because I haven’t the time, I got three more out… Yes. I am insane.

photo (2)photo (3)photo (4)

Remember When is Nora Roberts of J.D. Robb and I heard it’s the best novel outside the In Death series so I couldn’t resist. I usually devour her novels, I’m kind of an addict, so hopefully I’ll enjoy this one. The Twitter Diaries. It’s a whole book written through tweets at 140 characters. I’m not sure whether it will work, but I was intrigued by the premise and how the authors could manage to work that which is why even though it’s not my usual genre, I picked it up and I thought it would be a fairly quick read. The Forest of Hands & Teeth I remember seeing a while ago in my bookstore when it first came out and wanting to buy it, but I never did. So I picked this up from my bookstore and I’ll give it a try, see how it goes.

Gifted to me.

photo (10)

So as my belated Christmas present, my friend who knows I love books bought me the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent. I’ve been wanting to read them for a while, so I’m quite excited to now have my hands on the whole series.

photo (14)photo (15)photo (16)

The first three are Stray, Rogue and Pride. The covers intrigue me, the woman obviously likes to show off skin. I’m quite excited actually, although the first book is a hefty 600 and something pages, so that shall be fun!

photo (11)photo (13)

Prey and Shift are the next two in the series. There is one more after this, but unfortunately this wasn’t part of the set my friend bought me, but I still have five pretty new books to be on the way with to add to my beautiful book collection. Yes, a girl ever so slightly obsessed with physical book copies here!

What did you get?



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24 responses to “Stacking the Shelves (22)

  1. Wow! I’d love to read the Shifters series! Your friend is so generous! 🙂

  2. Oh you received some brilliant books this week Livvy, I really enjoyed The Forest of Hands and Teeth, just make sure you have like the whole day free or something, because it became really unputdownable afterwards. You reminded me I need to pick the second book up soon! I hope you enjoy all your reads! 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Thank you! I certainly hope I have. Well I shall definitely keep that in mind now that you’ve mentioned it. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Love the way you formatted this! I am going to read Forest of Hands and Teeth as well! 🙂

  4. Out of all of these, I’ve only read Forest of Hands and Teeth and I wasn’t much of a fan. It’s a great idea and concept, but the romance grated on me, but I hope you have better luck with it! Enjoy! 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      That’s definitely a shame. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it more, I know Jasprit said she really enjoyed it, but we shall see!
      Thank you! 🙂

  5. The Rachel Vincent covers crack me up, but the stories are probably great. sounds like it’s a UF series? Can’t wait to see what you make of them. I couldn’t get into The Forest of Hands & Teeth, wasn’t for me. I wonder what you’ll think of it. Enjoy your reads Livvy. 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      I understand why they make you laugh. They are a little tacky. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the stories more than the covers. Yup. They’re Urban-Fantasy. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it! Thank you 🙂

  6. veganyanerds

    I’ve read The Forest of Hands and Teeth and didn’t enjoy it (or the sequel) but I’m one of the only ones and I only read the first 5 books in the Shifters series but I really didn’t enjoy it (I was skimming the last couple of books) but again, I’m the odd one out because people seem to love that series! I hope you’re one of them 😀

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Oh dear. Well I’ve heard mixed reviews on both sides of these books, but I suppose that is the chance you take when it comes to reading any book whether you like it or not.
      Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

  7. The library is a dangerous place! There’s always so many good books available it’s hard to resist. 🙂

    Happy reading, Livvy!

  8. I recently finished Blood Flows Deep in the Empire and, overall, enjoyed it. It’s very Lords of the Underworld with a little bit of a Dark-Hunters vibe.

  9. It’s so nice to see the Shifters series all piled up like that! I won’t lie to you, there are better urban fantasy reads out there, but if you can handle a torturous love triangle, these are pretty fun too.
    I hope you’ll enjoy all your books.
    Anyway, I subscribed to your blog now so expect to see more of me around. 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Well I’ll see what I think, they look okay and I have lots of other series if they are not so good, but thanks for the heads up!
      Oooh, well I hope you’ll see me more around your blog too! 🙂

  10. You got some fabulous book, Livvy! I’m especially excited to see your thoughts on The Forest of Hands and Teeth, since it seems like something I might enjoy. Same goes for the Shifters series! That’s so awesome that your friend gifted 5 shiny new books to you. And don’t worry, I’m especially fond of collecting physical copies, e-books just never seem to do it for me. 😉

    Enjoy your lovely books Livvy! ❤

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      I know. I’m very excited to read then! 🙂

      Nope, e-books don’t quite have the same appeal although I still read them. I like the look and feel of a book!

      Thank you! 🙂

  11. Lisa (Lost in Literature)

    I haven’t read any of these. So many goodies! The Twitter Diaries sounds awesome. I’m eager to see what you think of it. Enjoy! 🙂

  12. Fantastic haul! I own The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but haven’t gotten to it yet. And The Twitter Diaries sounds like a very cool concept! I’ll have to add that to my TBR list! And I’ve heard really great things about the Shifters series. Hope you love all of these, and thanks so much for stopping by my StS!

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      It certainly does sound like an interesting concepts. So have I which is why I’m eager to pick it up! Thanks for dropping by here too! 🙂

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