Stacking the Shelves (26)

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

Book for Review.

FragmentsMila 2.0

So this week I’ve been pretty lucky with some awesome looking titles. Out in Blue looks to be some fun and it’s about angels so it can go towards my challenge! Woooo. Mila 2.o looks really interesting and I just adore the cover. Admittedly I haven’t read Partials, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to get it, and I’ve heard such brilliant things, so I have Fragments to read now. Then I have Descension too as part of a book tour which I’m hosting later in the month.

Out in BlueDescension

Books from the Library.

Play of PassionKiss of Snow

So here I become a squealing fan. I adore Nalini Singh and I can never get enough of her. I’ve already read Play of Passion last week and totally forgot to add it to my StS. However I just got my hands on Kiss of Snow and it’s the book I’ve been dying to read for weeks. So I shall definitely be starting this shortly.

Books Bought.


So here we have the Partials which I now have thanks to the prompt from getting Fragments. Hopefully I’ll be reading this shortly.

What did you get this week?



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38 responses to “Stacking the Shelves (26)

  1. I have a copy of Partials somewhere, but I still haven’t read it yet. I’ve heard brilliant things about it though, so I can’t wait to see what you think of it and/or its sequel. And I’ve been wanting to read something by Nalini Singh for a while now too. Those covers are gorgeous! Brilliant haul, Livvy. As always, looking forward to your reviews. 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Yes, I have heard great things which is why I’m so excited. Glad you’ve heard good things too.

      Oooh, you have to pick up a Singh book soon. I just love her and her covers! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard so many mixed things about MILA, Partials, and Descension, so I’m curious to see what you think. I’m thrilled that you’re a fan of Nalini Singh, though, since I plan to pick up her books soon. Fantastic haul, Livvy!(:

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Oh well, I shall have to give them all a try and hope for the best! Yes, she’s one of my favourite authors. 🙂

  3. I have to read Partials first (still waiting in my shelf 😦 I’ve heard great things about MILA, I hope you love it.

    Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

  4. I am enjoying Mila 2.0 and hope you do too.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  5. I got Mila earlier from Edelweiss and I’m sorry to say I didn’t care for it at all. Hopefully you’ll like it more than I did. I have high hopes for Fragments, though, I moderately enjoyed the first book and I’m hoping the second one will be even better. Can’t wait to for us both to read it so we can compare notes.

  6. I’m excited for Mila 2.0, looking forward to your review! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  7. I’ll look forward to your thoughts on Partials! I’ve heard a few mixed things from some of my blogger friends, but picked it up a couple months ago on Kindle when it was the Daily Deal. I hope you enjoy it!

    Happy reading!

    My StS Post

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Yes, it seems most people are curious about Partials. I picked it up on a Kindle deal too. Thank you! 🙂

  8. I have Partials but I haven’t got around to reading it either, Livvy. I hear nothing but good things about it though, so hopefully we’ll both enjoy it. I’ve never heard of Nalini Singh but I do so love those covers and if she’s a favorite author of yours, I better check her out. Enjoy your reads. 🙂

  9. I’m keen to see your review of Partials as I’ve been wondering if it’s a book I should read seeing as the sequel is coming out soon!

  10. Gah… Fragments. So much book envy, lol. I cannot wait till that one comes out.. I’m dying to see how this story continues! Thanks for stopping by my haul and I hope you enjoy all your books 😀

  11. I loved Partials, it was one of my fave reading of 2012! The sequel was imo just as amazing. Hope you enjoy! ^^

  12. I started Partials a while back but I couldn’t get into it. Hopefully I’ll pick it up again and I’ll be able to read more than I previously did! MILA 2.0 looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to get that one!

    Thanks for stopping by my Stacking the Shelves post!

  13. Fragments and Milo 2.0 both sound awesome! I saw them on NetGalley, but they were for UK readers only. I’ll definitely be back to see what you think of them. 🙂 Enjoy your books this week!

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      They certainly do, shame, but I feel happy that as a UK reader, I get my hands on them for once. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Eeeeh I had such a tough time resisting the urge to request Mila and Fragments, but I have yet to read Partials yet, so I will have to live vicariously through your reading updates! Happy reading Livvy! 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      I know, I couldn’t resist myself, so I just caved. I need a much stronger will in these things. Thank you! 🙂

  15. Nice haul! I really want to read Partials, and now that Fragments is almost out, I need to get on it! Happy Reading!

  16. AHHH!! I need to get Partials, all the raving reviews popping up from blogs are making me itch to grab them. Love how Fragments cover continue with the futuristic theme 😀

  17. I just finished MILA and FRAGMENTS this week–so much fun! I’m curious to see what you’ll think of PARTIALS; I’ve found it impossible to predict what people will think, hah.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      I’m glad you enjoyed them, Wendy! Yes, it seems to be a very mixed book, but I’m excited for it. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  18. Looking forward to your Mila 2.0 review! Looks really cool!

  19. Ooh Mila 2.0! I’m looking forward to checking out that one. Enjoy all your new reads!

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