Stacking the Shelves (27)

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

Reviews posted since last time. Movie Reviews: Les Miserable and Warm Bodies. Book Reviews: Contemporary Blend #2 – Game for Marriage and Vanilla on Top. Sister Assassin/Mind Games, Blood Red Road and Play of Passion. Contemporary Blend #1 – One Night with A Hero, Recipe for Satisfaction,

Books for Review.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is a film I enjoyed, and now a book I can’t wait to read which I hear is a little bit different. However it looks equally fun.

In the Shadow of the BlackbirdsThe Nightmare Affair 

I’ve heard brilliant things about In the Shadow of Blackbirds and I love the cover and the atmosphere it seems to convey. Along with that The Nightmare Affair which I’ve heard lots of mixed thoughts, but I’m excited to try.

Books Bought.

Sins and NeedlesThe Opportunist

It was Rachel over at The Reader’s Den that convinced me to pick up The Opportunist and I am really looking forward to getting into that one. It looks so exciting. Sins & Needles looks different and I’m intrigued by it, so we’ll see where it takes me.

114331296What a Boy Wants

What A Boy Wants is a novel that I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as I thought I would, it disappointed me more than I expected. Endgame is a novel that was free on Amazon and it’s by Nenia Campbell one of my friends on Goodreads, so I was interested in picking it up.

Books Borrowed.

photo (3)

Fire Study is the third novel in the trilogy by Synder and I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into it. The Map of Time caught my eye in the library and it sounds really interesting. The idea of toying with time-travel really has me excited and romance and being a bestseller. It has to be selling something right.

photo (1)photo (2)



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34 responses to “Stacking the Shelves (27)

  1. Oh, God, I loved the Blackbirds book! (We shall forever call it ‘the Blackbirds book, everything else is too darn inconvenient.) I really hope you will too. It’s a very special piece of lit.
    I have to read The Opportunist asap. Rachel and a few others can’t recommend it high enough, and that’s good enough for me.
    I hope you enjoy. Can’t wait to read your reviews.

  2. The Map of Time has such a beautiful cover Olivia! I hope you enjoy The Nightmare Affair and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! I haven’t seen the Warm Bodies film, but I’ve heard mixed things about the book, so I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts on it as well! Great haul :).

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Thank you, Savindi. I’m looking forward to reading all these books! 🙂 How are you?

      • I’m doing fine :). I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were since I feel like it’s been a while since we talked! How is school going for you? Do you get March Break next month?

        • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

          I have February break that ends today! 😦 I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow, and I haven’t really done any reading or work in my week off. I just haven’t been in the mood. I’m glad you are doing well. It does seem like a while since we spoke.

        • I never got anything done during my Reading Week either. Sometimes you just need to take a break from things. Did you do a lot of reading during your break?

        • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

          Nope, no reading either. I’ve not been in the mood. Another annoying thing. Well I read some history non-fiction for my Anglo-Saxon coursework… If that counts? Yeah, I think I’ve needed the break to be honest as I feel more alive doing a little bit of work today and more full of thoughts and ideas.

        • I hope your day at school after the break was good Olivia! Sometimes you do need to ‘not do anything’ because your mind/body needs a rest from everything. I hope you feel better soon :).

        • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

          Ugh. It was terrible. I’d rather obliterate it from my mind. Thanks, Savindi.

        • 😦 I hope you feel better soon. I’m sending a virtual hug your way!

        • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

          Thank you, Savindi. I’ve cheered up throughout the day, so hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be even better! 🙂

  3. In the Shadow of Blackbirds is one I’m dying to read myself, so I can’t wait to see what you think!(: I saw the movie for Warm Bodies, but need to read the book soon and like you, Rachel has convinced me that I need to get my hands on The Opportunist soon! I hope you enjoy Fire Study, Olivia, and Happy Reading! 😀

  4. Super jealous you got The Nightmare Affair! I’m really excited for that title!

    See what I got this week here:

  5. I really enjoyed the Warm Bodies movie. I haven’t read the book yet, but after seeing the movie I want to read it even more.

  6. I’ve never heard of The Map of Time, so will definitely be interested in hearing what you think. I like time travel books, but haven’t read too many of them. And I am super intrigued by the Blackbirds book! I kept looking at it on NetGalley but ultimately decided not to request it. I hope you enjoy it!

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Exactly my thoughts on not having read many of them so I’m looking forward to it as I got it on whim at the library. Yes, it sounds really good, so I’m excited for it! 🙂

  7. I have heard a lot about Nightmare affairs and can’t wait to give it a chance.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  8. In the Shadow of Blackbirds is fantastic! I’m excited that you’ll be reading it soon. I can’t wait to see what you think of it. 🙂 I had mixed thoughts on The Nightmare Affair, but I thought it was a fun read overall, even if not very memorable.

    Great haul, Livvy! Enjoy your new books.

  9. Livvy so many awesome books this week! I started Warm Bodies and I’ve been extremely enjoying it so far! The Opportunist and Sins and Needles I have been seeing reviews for everywhere as of late I think I will have to buy copies of them asap! I hope you enjoy all your reads! 🙂

  10. Yes!! Another gossip partner for The Opportunist! I’m sooo excited but I hope you like it! *bites nails nervously* Be ready for drama, Livvy but I swear it’s worth it. You need to read Dirty Red right after, though. I also want to pick up Sins and Needles. I’ve been seeing that everywhere with great feedback. I almost went and saw Warm Bodies this weekend but I haven’t had time! I’m preparing to for my trip. I leave Saturday for Paris, Prague, London and Bath! I’m so excited! Enjoy your reads. 🙂

    • Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews

      Okay, I shall be very much reading for The Opportunist and I cannot wait to start it and talk to you about it.

      I hope you enjoy Warm Bodies whenever you get to see it. Ooooh, thank sounds like an awesome trip. Paris and London are both amazing cities. Paris is beautiful, whilst London is very metropolitan, so I hope you enjoy your time there! 😀

  11. I squealed when I saw my book on here! 😀

    P.S. Love the site name! I got approved for the Nightmare Affair too so it will be interesting to compare notes! I’m also reading Sins & Needles!!

  12. I can’t wait to read In the Shadow of Blackbirds! And I’ve heard such wonderful things about Sins & Needles. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them! 🙂

  13. Wow, what a great haul! I’ve heard great things about so many of these books! And I hadn’t heard of Endgame, but I looked it up and the first sentence made me instantly add it to my TBR list. Thanks for putting it on my radar! Hope you enjoy all these books!

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