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Dear faithful followers and wonderful friends,

It appears now my blog has been inactive for a number of months without reason or pre-warning and for vanishing into thin air, I am honestly sorry. Unfortunately my life has been a whirlwind the past few months, preparing for University and then attending University so there has been little time to maintain a blog, and little time to read.

Thank you for your inquiries as to my whereabouts/wellbeing and when I will return. At the present moment in time, I do not know when I will be returning to the blogosphere as I have much to do and very little time. However, I do endeavour to return to the blogging community at some point in 2014.

Meanwhile I must emphasise to those sending review requests, I am not accepting any review requests from this point onwards as stated on my blog, so whilst I appreciate the email enquiries they are redundant for the time being until further stated. So please stop, as I do not have time to reply or the inclination at this current moment in time.

Thank you all for understanding. I hope to return to you shortly.

Happy New Year and may 2014 be prosperous and enjoyable for you all!

Regards, Livvy.


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