3 Reasons I fell in Love with Anna and the French Kiss Series

So it’s official, I went and fell in love with the Anna and the French Kiss series within approximately 5 hours, after finally (months behind everyone else) jumping on the bandwagon to read. My hands were literally glued to Anna and the French Kiss, which I kept promising myself “one more chapter before bed” and ultimately forgoing sleep to consume the whole book. I read the first two books within the space of a day, and then decided I needed to draw myself away and lasted all of around a week, before succumbing to the calling of Isla and the Happily Ever After. (Oh, and mentally slap myself every time I read Isla phonetically rather than Ey-la – I have problems with saying that name as much as I love it!).


By the point I reached the end of Isla, this was me; entirely star struck. What on earth had I just undertaken, reading contemporary, fluffy young-adult literature, finding genuine meaning, love, friendship and just all around elation?

So here begins my list of reasons to love the series, rather than composing a review for a set of books most of you have probably read/heard about, and you are honest to god bored of reading another mundane review.


I would literally compare how I feel about all the main characters: Anna, St. Clair, Cricket, Lola, Josh and Isla to how I feel (very nearly) about the Harry Potter characters. They are not perfect, they do have issues and they may not honestly be everyone’s cup-of-tea, however I found them quirky, relatable, fun and most of all likeable. Stephanie Perkins makes real effort to flesh out her characters, give them all backstories and connect them all in different ways, despite the fact that many of them end up living in different cities. Beyond these 6 main stars, she also brings in a plethora of secondary characters to support each individual, add more dimension to their character and make you understand them a little more.


Just sayin’, six awesome characters here, six awesome characters there..

I can literally probably talk your ear of for a good hour about these characters, but I am going to pick one as my favourite. I have to say it has to be Isla, there was just so many times when I connected with her and understood her.

“Because I thought no one could love me.”

“And why did you think that?”

“Because I didn’t think I was worth loving.”

Hattie takes this in. And then she hits me in the stomach. I yowl in surprise, and she hits me again. “Don’t be stupid.”


“Everyone is worthy of love. Even a dumb sister like you.”  – Isla and the Happily Ever After

YEAH SHE MAY BE A BIT OF A DORKY, INSECURE IDIOT AND YOU WANT TO SLAP HER HERE, but that is okay, I did too and I am EXACTLY the same kind of person. Like seriously, Isla and her nerves (okay, I’m not nearly as bad, but sometimes I do stupid things and make situations awkward). Her doubt of herself, her continual pushing that things are not good enough (school nerd here), and just generally everything about her. Also her inability to handle painkillers – totally me.

“Oh, shit.” I tuck up a leg and smack my kneecap on the table. “Am I acting that loopy?” – Isla and the Happily Ever After

There were so many aspects that I loved, but the part that made me applaud Perkins more was that she made Isla realise who she was without Josh. SHE DID NOT NEED A BOY TO FIND HERSELF. WOOOO FOR FEMINISM. YES. GIRL YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT, GET WHAT YOU WANT AND THEN STILL FIND THE BOY LATER.

Anybody gathering that Isla and the Happily Ever After got five stars from me on Goodreads yet? Winking smile

“The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”

And I realise…it’s okay. It’s okay if St. Clair and I never become more than friends. – Anna and the French Kiss

Although Isla is not the only book that Perkins does this in, she started it at the very beginning with Anna. SELF-REALISATION FOR THE WIN!




“looks like a fantasyland castle – wet sand dripped through fingers, both sharp and soft. Bright construction lights are everywhere, and workers are tinkering around its massive spires in dangerously tall cranes.” – Isla and the Happily Ever After

I mean, I literally visited Barcelona this summer, I saw the amazing Gaudi’s church. (My beautiful photography *laughs* – it’s just so tall and I’m so small, there is undoubtedly neck cramp here. Yes it’s also the background of my blog!). THIS IS WHERE ISLA AND JOSH WERE. I mean, I literally love the fact that I was there, and so were they (I do remember they’re fictional, okay). Barcelona has to be one of my favourite European cities, it is just so beautiful. I think this has to also be why I connected to Isla and the Happily Ever After so much more.

We’re splashing towards the heart of Barcelona. Red- and yellow- striped flags – some with the blue triangle and star of independence, some without – hang everywhere from apartment balconies, soaked with storm. The city’s appearance is distinctly Western European, but it’s also filled with colourful architecture and steep hills. Palm trees and leafy trees. Purple vines and red flowers. – Isla and the Happily Ever After

Not to mention Paris, I love Paris. It has been a long time since I visited, but I have plans to go back next year and the majority of the setting was in Paris. It is such a beautiful, romantic city. Just downright being set in Europe won me over from the start because most YA contemporary teen fiction is set in America, and I don’t mind, but occasionally, I want something different, something European.


Oh, Etienne St. Clair where are you? Oh, Cricket, the boy next door and Josh the troublesome artist.

I definitely have to say I found it hard to pick between love interests. As much as I loved Isla and the Happily Ever After, I do not think Josh was my favourite love interest. And whilst I think I loved Lola and the Boy Next Door the least out of them all, I do think Cricket was my love, the nerdy boy next door who cared about Lola and only wanted the best. There was just something so geeky and loveable about him.

I know you aren’t perfect. But it’s a person’s imperfections that make them perfect for someone else.Lola and the Boy Next Door.

I mean – weeping – somebody come sweep me off that feet with such a line? Perkins just seemed to make it so effortless when she sweeps you off your feet with her beautiful way with words, and carefully crafted romantic proposals.

Perkins does not just craft an easy boy + girl = fall in love and happily ever after. She brings in the fact that people fall in love with people in a relationship and are afraid to leave them when it doesn’t work, but why? She talks about how we might be too afraid to step from our comfort zone. How we might appear to others, but is that truly us? I think despite the fact that this is contemporary romance and at times, fluffy, there are real issues that she tries to deal with subtlety and with love and attention that makes reading these books such a beautiful experience.

“Mademoiselle Oliphant. It translates to ‘Point zero of the roads of France’. In other words, it’s the point from which all other distances in France are measured.” St. Clair clears his throat. “Its the beginning of everything.”

I look back up. He’s smiling.

“Welcome to Paris, Anna. I am glad you’ve come.” – Anna and the French Kiss

There are just far too many quotes to take from all these books (I realise I have taken probably lots from Isla in comparison to Anna and Lola, but there was just something magical about that book for me. 


How could I resist the charms of these three guys?

Okay, I will admit this series is not perfect and it seriously has its imperfections, but there is just so much to love. So much beauty in her writing.

But I don’t want to give you this broken, empty me. I want you to have me when I’m full, when I can give something back to you. I don’t have much to give right now. – Lola and the Boy Next Door

This is me and how I am currently feeling towards any other book. This is The Absent Historian signing out on a serious book hangover, after falling in love with Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and then having her heart confiscated by Isla and the Happily Ever After.

Now go read it if you haven’t already.


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14 responses to “3 Reasons I fell in Love with Anna and the French Kiss Series

  1. Absolutely love this. I actually wrote a review recently for Anna and the French Kiss: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/978853098

    It’s a creative one, and I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it all that much, but I couldn’t help it. It was just a wonderful story ❤

    • Livvy @The Absent Historian

      A very creative review I see! I am pleased to hear you fell in love with the story despite your best efforts not to like it! 🙂

  2. Eep, I still have to read Isla, but I have a feeling I’m going to be right there with you raving about it when I do! You describe my love for Stephanie’s characters and romance perfectly.

    • Livvy @The Absent Historian

      I hope you are going to be right there raving with me about Isla. And I’m pleased I could pinpoint it so perfectly! 🙂

  3. Oh, I just love this post!!! And my motivation for reading this series just boosted up! Should I buy the series you think? Because, yeah, some liked book 1 and didn’t like much book 2 and then liked very much book 3. I just don’t know if I should buy it in hardcopy or just borrow it. What do you think?

    • Livvy @The Absent Historian

      Thnaks! I think if you like these kind of books, you’ll definitely appreciate owning them so much more. I know I want the physical copies rather than the ebooks which I bought because of price/convenience! 🙂

  4. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    YES THE ROMANCE! It’s so sweet and swoony, and the characters were pretty darn fabulous as well. I still need to read Lola and Isla, though ;D

    Lovely post! <33

  5. I loved Anna & the French Kiss but I have to say I loved Cricket more that St. Clair, too. I wasn’t a fan of his cheating heart and the part where he visited his GF and Anna found out what he was doing while on that visit ripped my heart out!

    I’ve been putting off read Isla (I’ll always pronounce it phonetically, I can’t help it!) because I was worried about picking it up after it being bumped up so many times, but I’m less worried after reading your post. I’m so excited to read it knowing the setting is in Paris. I read Anna before I visited and when I did visit, I stayed across the street from Luxembourg Parc/Gardens, the scene of that famous kiss, and I couldn’t help but think of Anna & Etienne every time I walked through! I can’t wait to re-live the sites through Isla. Excellent post and quotes, Livvy! 🙂

    • Livvy @The Absent Historian

      Yes, I definitely have to say I did not like that element of St. Clair, and there were some similarities about him that reminded me of someone I know, so I found it difficult to ‘fall for him’ entirely. Still, I hope you enjoy Isla just as much as me, and you should enjoy reliving the experience of Paris through Isla. Such a beautiful place, and that is so cool that you stayed so close to the scene of the famous kiss! 🙂

  6. I remember being so hesitant to read Anna and the French Kiss because contemporary often falls flat for me, and the original cover didn’t do much to help the book’s cause, either, lol. But a ton of bloggers loved it, and my curiosity got the better of me, and I was so pleasantly surprised when I read it. I’ve read all 3 books and loved all 3 couples, and I also loved how Stephanie Perkins brought Paris to life (I SO want to go there one day!). These books have just been so wonderful to read, and I’m glad you thought so, too! 🙂

  7. Confession: I STILL haven’t read this series. I know, I know I just need to take the leap and jump on that band wagon ASAP.

    After such a glowing rec, I’ll HAVE to read them right?

    Also you’ve been to Barcelona and Paris-SO JEALOUS.

  8. Zoe

    *sighs* I keep putting this off because I’m not much of a fan of chick lit, but your glowing review has definitely convinced me to reconsider! I love the sound of the fabulous setting and swoony romance. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❤

  9. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    Wait wait wait. It’s not pronounced phonetically? Seriously? All this time i’ve been pronouncing it “Isla” as in, Island in spanish. LOL. (Haven’t read the book so didn’t know). I’ve only read Anna and the French Kiss but I enjoyed it so much. I think it was one of the things that inspired me to take a french class. I definitely need to fiinsh this series. Great post!

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